By CeeCee, 2022, for a better Ghana


Do you want to be described as per the title? If yes, then count the cost seriously! Why?



Today’s zeitgeist of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and all sorts of info wars, compromised and blurred positions, makes it a hard road to travel for all who ZEALOUSLY pursue truth!


I used “ZEALOUSLY” in the pursuit of truth because it is easy thoroughfare when the stakes are low or insignificant! To wit:


Try to be a firebrand for truth amidst corruption, and you’ll quickly realize who were, are, and could be your true friends or arch enemies


Try to be an iconoclast for truth amidst hypocrisy, and you’ll painfully distinguish between the honest and disingenuous


Try to a bastion for truth amidst sycophants of liars, and you’ll sooner or later be the target of sharp cat paws for those liars


Try to be a champion for truth amidst those who prefer to just go along to get along, and you’ll soon become the whispered object of their ridicule


Try to be a stalwart for truth amidst the religiously charged/prejudiced, and you’ll soon be morally persecuted with prejudice by the irony of those who claimed to be bashed and persecuted not too long ago


Try to be a bulwark or raise a standard for truth against a raging flood of lies, and you’ll either develop varicose truth veins around your neck as battle scars or as necklaces and medals of honor


Try to speak truth to power in a politically polarized nation (where right is at war with wrong), and your address might be quickly and forcefully relocated with impunity to one of lawless languishing and punitive anguish


Try to man the ramparts for truth against an army of marauding liars, and you’ll soon feel as if invaded by gnawing lying Ants striving to carry bounty into their anthill kingdom of lies


Try to simply stand alone for truth amongst the masses of insincerity, and you’ll quickly know what sincerity means to individuals and the masses


Are you still intent on zealously pursuing the truth?


Then, fasten your seat belt, my brother or sister, for yours is gonna be a hard life to survive, but well-lived and remembered by the lovers of truth; however, one to be scorned and derided by would be hypocrites.


Last, but certainly not least, try to be a friend of truth amidst a gang of lies, and you’ll soon be despised by friends of liars who were  disguised as your well-meaning friends


Do you still wanna choose? No fears!


It’s a choice we’ll all have to make one way or the other.


I’ve made mine, for better or for worse; have you or will you?May Providence and nature guide us! 🤷🏾‍♂️⚖️🤨