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Agenda 2024 recognizes that the Government of Ghana needs a complete overhaul to put it on the path of being a guiding force for the youth of our beloved Nation. As we lay out Agenda 2024, the leadership realizes that the task is two-fold, eradicating corruption while planning a Government that focuses on the Human Capital of EVERY Citizen in Ghana with an emphasis and focus on the youth of our Nation. Election 2024 is pivotal to the future of our youth, Ghana and our FUTURE.

It is imperative that the resources that have fed corruption and enriched a minority are recaptured and redirected to building a future for the youth of our Nation. We must focus on providing our youth with every opportunity from the earliest age to achieve their dreams with a comprehensive restructured educational system that will provide our youth with the skills necessary to attain the jobs of the future.

In 2024, Western Industrialized Capitalist Nations are struggling to realign their economies considering the technological advances of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The implementation of new technologies in manufacturing and production is changing the availability of unskilled labor jobs. Wealth distribution is drastically changing as corporations absorb more of the world’s wealth leaving individuals to sink lower into the depths of economic despair.

The current emphasis on Corporate success and profits doesn’t work for the well being of the World’s Citizens. Economists, sociologists, scientists and politicians are calling on central governments to focus on Human Capitalism. Economic Policies throughout the world need to be re-aligned to prioritize the well-being of each Person in lieu of corporations and a sliver of people amassing the world’s wealth.

Ghana has experienced its own form of wealth accumulation by the top 1% while the bottom 99% of its Citizens fall deeper into economic poverty and despair. In Ghana technological advances have not been the primary factor in the wealth accumulation of the top 1%.

In Ghana the wealthy have relied on Government corruption that has raped and pillaged the Human Capital, Natural Resources and Future of Our Nation. The decades of corrupt government policies and officials have robbed the future from the youth of our Nation. It was the dream of our Fathers to cast off the shackles of colonialism while forming a government of the People based on the freedom of self-determination.

Decades of struggle came to fruition when Independence was achieved on March 6, 1957. Sadly, the fire of our forefather’s dream continues to be extinguished by a powerful minority that has seized the government to enrich themselves at the expense of the future of our Nation and our youth.

Everyone suffers at the hands of a corrupt government; however, the youth will suffer the longest. Their opportunities are snuffed out like the flame of the future. A decaying infrastructure, failing schools, cuts in medical care, elimination of social services, and an expansion of correctional facilities all stifle the youth of Ghana and their future.

Agenda 2024 combines a plan to restructure the old while implementing the new. Explore the issues addressed by Agenda 2024 and add your voice to the future. Join us and add your voice, your ideas, your vision, along with your skills to re-igniting the flame of freedom, independence and achievement for our Nation.  The Future is NOW. Stand up and proclaim, I am Ghana!

Government Restructuring and Re-Organization

To put the Agenda 2024 plan into action for the PEOPLE of Ghana it is a priority to restructure the central government. We must re-organize the Ministries by eliminating many of those that have been formed merely to provide government jobs to family, friends and supporters of the ruling parties.

Agenda 2024 proposes eliminating more than 100 Ministers as well as ending ex-gratis. Agenda 2024 seeks to streamline government with a maximum of number of essential Ministries. These Ministries will include restructuring vital Ministries as well as creating new ones geared towards the future growth and development of a Nation that is pledged to serving the youth and every citizen of Ghana.

The essential Ministries will increase their workload with all employees including the Ministers working eight-hour days, five days a week in pursuit of the People’s Business. Each Ministry will be expected to serve in an executive leadership role overseeing specialized Departments, Commissions or Offices that are necessary to properly provide for the effective, efficient functioning of essential services.

The Agenda 2024 Blueprint calls for a re-organization of the President’s Office along with Constitutional Initiatives for the Parliament to act on which will protect future generations from the pervasive government corruption which Ghana experiences today. After decades of neglect, corruption and thievery, the leaders of Agenda 2024 realize that the task is daunting and the list of issues seemingly endless. However, we must begin to rebuild our Nation one step at a time.

Top Issues that will be addressed by the New Administration of Kofi Koranteng and the Leadership of Agenda 2024 include:

  • Immediately addressing the rampant unemployment of the youth with the emergency funding of a National Public Works program that will include emergency job training and apprenticeships focused on needed infrastructure rebuilding.
  • The Ministry of Education will immediately begin to rebuild an Education System that will offer viable curriculums aimed at producing graduates who can pursue careers and vocational jobs that will offer a sustainable middle-class economic lifestyle.
  • Women’s issues including preventive healthcare and services need to be instituted as an emergency program while a National System is put in place by the Ministry of Health.
  • Immediately address the corruption wreaking havoc on Imports and Exports.

Over our lifetime, we have seen politicians make promises by the hour during election time and they remain unfulfilled. In fact, most of the promises of reform and modernization have gone in the opposite direction with a crumbling infrastructure, rising unemployment, drop-out rates and teen pregnancies.

It would be easy for Agenda 2024 to issue a Manifesto filled with glossy eyed promises, but it will not. Over the last couple of decades Kofi Koranteng and a group of likeminded social activists have worked to change the political direction of the Nation only to be stalled by an entrenched corrupt two-party system that works hand in hand like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Mr. Koranteng and the Brain Trust behind Agenda 2024 knows that our Nation is now like a patient on life support. To save the patient on life support, the first order of business for the medical staff is to stabilize them before beginning an elaborate plan of rehabilitation. When elected Kofi Koranteng and the Agenda 2024 Team will first have to stabilize the patient before instituting more elaborate rehabilitative measures.

The Agenda 2024 Team looks forward to the day when the most pressing issue facing the Nation is how many acres should be included in our newest National Park. However, saving Ghana will not begin that way, the issues are many and they have all been thought through with detailed deliberation. The truth is stark, without a lifesaving blood transfusion, the patient will not survive.

The most important ISSUES that an Independent President Koranteng and the Agenda 2024 Team will tackle are:

  • Providing viable jobs and rebuilding our infrastructure to the skyrocketing number of unemployed youths
  • Begin a comprehensive national water purification and distribution system
  • Begin an upgrade of the Health System with a focus on Women’s Issues
  • Investigate, Prosecute and halt all corrupt deals with foreign entities, prioritizing ending strip mining (galamsay) that is polluting our land and water

High on the priority list of issues for Agenda 2024 are:

Establishment of New Ministries, Departments and Commissions

Oversight, Audits and Vital Statistics

  • Establish a National Independent Oversight Commission composed of private and public sector attorneys in conjunction with newly elected MP’s to investigate every Government Ministry, Agency and Department. The National Independent Oversight Commission will work with a detailed mandate and within an established time frame submitting reports to the Office of the President. The analysis will establish guidelines for future efficiencies while rooting out previous corruption with an eye towards prosecution and monetary recovery when feasible.
  • Establish the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction to consistently audit all Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Commissions including efficiency and fiscal management. The Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction will be the lead agency in identifying and prosecuting official misconduct, corruption and guarding against nepotism in all Government Agencies and State-Owned Corporations, Industries and Agencies.
  • Establish a National Department of Vital Statistics with Regional Offices. As a Nation poised for growth and development, it is imperative that an uncompromised, official systemic registry of births and deaths be established with regional offices where Citizens can obtain necessary documents when needed. Every birth and death will be required to be officially recorded and a certificate issued for legal purposes.
  • The National Department of Vital Statistics will also oversee a certified Property Registry along with a Business Registry with vital information about ownership and contact information.
  • The President will propose a National effort to name every street and number every property by block and lot number in preparation for a National and Regional Property Registry. Street names and numbered properties will hasten emergency service responses as well as the implementation of government economic initiatives.
  • The Parliament will be requested to pass a census bill that will establish a Special Initial Census to establish the foundation of the registries. It will also be proposed that the Parliament establish a regular census at set time increments to monitor the validity of the registries.
  • It is proposed that the National Department of Vital Statistics be funded with nominal registration fees for individuals and home properties with slightly higher fees for business and corporate registrations. The goal of collected fees will be to fund and maintain the operation of the National Department of Vital Statistics.

Diaspora Secretariat and Department

  • Establish a Diaspora Secretariat with a dedicated Department to assist Citizens living abroad and encourage bringing their skills and investment activities back to Ghana. The Diaspora Department will be charged with fully implementing ROPAA expeditiously. It will also be the duty of the Department of Diaspora to provide logistical support, identifying housing, job and career placement to expatriates returning to Ghana. The mandate of Diaspora Secretariat will be to identify and encourage entrepreneurial and venture capital opportunities for expatriates who return as permanent residents. The Diaspora Department will be funded by issuing Diaspora Municipal Bonds. Working in conjunction with the Departments of Health, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Technology, Economic Development and Social Services, the Diaspora Department will seek to attract a return of Ghanaians who are career professionals living abroad.
  • The Department of Diaspora will also be charged with determining a comprehensive immigration policy and its enforcement.

The FIRST AND FOREMOST ISSUE of Agenda 2024 and the Independent Candidacy of Kofi Koranteng is YOUR INVOLVEMENT, YOUR SUPPORT and most of all YOUR VOTE. Kofi needs each of you to stand up and say, I AM GHANA, THE FUTURE IS NOW!

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