“Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought.” – Kwame Nkrumah

“Revolution can happen at the ballot box when it is led by ideas rooted in justice.” – Kofi Koranteng

Revolutions are the last resort to an oppressed people who see no hope of change. Many decades ago, the chains of colonialism were cast off Ghana. Our forefathers could bare no more and instigated the revolution that led to Independence for Ghana. They had a vision that they expressed in our Nation’s Constitution, a document that guarantees Ghanaians that their vote can cause a revolution. Election 2024 is time for a revolution to occur in Ghana. We as a people must cause a revolution at the ballot box. A revolution that supports a plan for the future of our Nation, Agenda 2024.

Agenda 2024 is a platform for the planned growth and development of our Nation. It supports building infrastructure that benefits the people, not constructing temples to political corruption like the Parliament Building that was proposed by the ruling NDC and NPP parties.

Agenda 2024 with independent thoughtful leadership is a plan to revolutionize Ghana for the PEOPLE. It is an agenda that supports:

Clean drinking water initiatives
Planned, modern roadways
Public Transportation systems
Modernize and build new schools staffed by well-paid teachers
New and innovative medical facilities with world equivalent wages for doctors, nurses and health care professionals
Innovative partnerships with international companies that will build research and development projects which will create good paying employment
Modernized, sustainable agricultural and fishing methods that will cut our imports of food and turn Ghana into an exporting nation of food
Modernize and become a technological leader in sustainable energy creation, curbing carbon emissions and pollution that affects climate change
Tighten and enforce regulations to stop galamsey which destroys our natural resources.
Return all mining operations to ownership by Ghanaians with proper oversight of exported materials
Learn more about the objectives of Agenda 2024 by joining the revolution to retake Ghana for Ghanaians with the candidacy of Kofi Koranteng for President in Election 2024.

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