Good morning, beloved. Kindly spare me a few minutes of your blessed day, please?


The election cycle has almost come full circle, and politicians are gearing up to mount their podiums once again with a host of taking-us-to-the-moon promises and bald-faced lies!


No amount of digitization or whatever promises by the NPP/NDC can fool the masses in Ghana anymore!


Maybe they can fool the so-called intellectuals and some ignorant diasporans with their charismatic tigers, but no longer can they pull the wool over the heads of the woke common residents who encounter the harsh realities of life daily, and some of us wanna do our little bit to ensure that!


I’m seldom given to wild generalizations and unwarranted characterizations; but, judging from their works, NPP and NDC are two sides of the same gambling coin.


However, thanks to the advent of popular common sense awakening, the youth and most of the peasant grassroots can no longer be bamboozled with vain lofty manifestos, bogus mantras, and empty slogans.


Undeniably, H E Nana Akuffo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia are the last straws that broke the proverbial camel’s back!


But, as the old popular Akan saying goes, “sɛ yɛnnhuu owuo da aa, yɛ hwɛ ɛnna”


Arguably, gullible religious faith, irresponsible traditional leadership, condescending intellectualism, and elitist wannabee dynastic family pedigrees have been the bane of Ghana’s sociopolitical and socioeconomic progress, and it’s a long time coming that the common masses are beginning to “shine their eyes” to become the self-informed  wiser citizens they need to be.


The era of blind partisanship, ignorant tribal loyalty, and delusional religion is fast losing their shine in Ghana; because the people are finally learning to think critically and hold their political and religious leaders accountable for financial and moral probity


Corrupt dishonest politicians, unscrupulous religious charlatans, and partisan spineless media have had their day in the sun, and we all know their works


So, excuse me to hope against all odds that no political party, media and religious personalities, or intellectual cognoscenti will be able to fool the masses any longer!


“[Yes, they] can fool ALL of the people SOME of the time; [and they] can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time, [but they certainly cannot] fool ALL the people ALL the time.” (Paraphrased)


~Abraham Lincoln, 1887


Have an awesome happy peaceful day!