“I-and-I build a cabin; I-and-I plant the corn. Didn’t my people before me slave for this country? Now you look at me with that scorn, then you eat up all my corn.” – Bob Marley

“Enough is Enough, it is time to begin building the future promised by independence. We can wait no longer – Join Us – The Future is Now!” – Kofi Koranteng

We have waited too long – since 1958, the people of Ghana have waited for the hope of freedom, prosperity, economic stability and personal fulfillment promised by Independence and re-affirmed by our Constitution. Instead we have remained impoverished by a corrupt political system that rewards allegiance to politicians at the expense of the labors of the people.

It is time for every Citizen to say, “enough is enough”. It is time for every person from Techiman, Sunyani, Ho, Tamale, Cape Coast and every village, town and city to join us in electing a truly independent candidate for President who will work to fulfill the destiny of our great Nation.

Everyone talks about the corruption, high taxes, and nepotism of the current controlling political parties, now is the time to act. Join us in carving a new path for our people and our Nation by backing Agenda 2024, a plan of prosperity, justice and growth by electing an independent President, Kofi Koranteng.

Like your parents, and grandparents Kofi Koranteng grew up filled with an optimism that Ghana would flourish. For those that seized control and maintain its power, the promises of prosperity have been fulfilled. For the rest of the people, we still have a country where not everyone has access to clean water, where farmers watch their crops rot because there is no infrastructure to bring them to market.

Let us renew the promise given to our parents and grandparents and fulfil it for our children and grandchildren by supporting Agenda 2024 and elect Kofi Koranteng as the first independent President who will work for the people of Ghana.

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