RESCUING GHANA IS TAKING OUR POWER BACK FROM THE DUKADAYA MAFIOSO CABALS to reorder society in our own image and interest so that the exercise of power becomes the common business of all of society. How else do we remove the EBITEYIE EBINTEYIE class line and the humiliation called poverty and underdevelopment? How can the people of Obuasi, Tarkwa, Prestea and Konongo who sit on gold be so poor unlike those of Johannesburg who also sit on gold? Why has gold developed Johannesburg and yet still gold continues to underdevelop Obuasi which sits on the world’s richest single goldmine?

Now, three commercial lithium deposits are discovered and the Dukadaya ruling Mafioso Cabals sell the lithium mining rights to an Australian company  in similar manner as the gold of Obuasi was placed in the hands of Johannesburg mining magnates. No lessons learned? What do our leaders take the rest of society for? Fools??? How long can we choose to remain fools as the EBINTEYIE underclass cursed by unemployment, inflation, debt-trap and humiliating poverty? And when you think about Nkrumah, Lee Kuan Yew and Deng Xiaoping then you realise that LEADERSHIP MATTERS.

Our obligation to ourselves is to organise ourselves to RESCUE GHANA from the corrupt and corrupting hands and minds of the Dukadaya Mafioso Ruling Cabals and install a NATION-BUILDING LEADERSHIP TEAM THAT MATTERS. Poverty, joblessness, inflation, debt and  filth and waterbodies and noise pollution do not befit Ghana, the land of gold. My generation, “the GREEDY BASTARDS”, who “create, loot and share” for “family  and friends”, at the expense of the rest of society, cannot be relied upon for leadership. All what my generation knows is to part the legs of Mother Ghana, hold her down and invite their foreign partners to gang rape her of her endowed resources. Now, Ankobra, Tano, Pra, Oti, Offin and Birim are despoiled, desecrated and bleeding. The waterheads of Atiwa forest reserve are under threat as the Dukadaya ruling Mafioso Cabals plot to cede this sacred forest grove to mining interests with no compunction. The fate and depressing sight of Obuasi and Bogoso do not stir any compunction in the Dukadaya Mafioso Ruling Cabals. What do you do with such selfish and heartless leaders, who live in opulence at our expense ? ©Addai-Sebo