“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Fredrick Douglas

“We can wait no longer while the future of our youth is muted with lack of education and opportunity.” – Kofi Koranteng

Every National Election in Ghana is pivotal. Election 2024 is crucial. As the NDC and NPP continues to ignore the infrastructure, educational system, medical care, development and sustainable growth in favor of the politics of corruption, graft and nepotism, the fuse burns shorter on a ticking time bomb of irreversible poverty and despair. Each year that the infrastructure is ignored, families are denied clean water, farmers lose the ability to bring their crops to market, and the growth of industry is stifled.

Each year that the education system fails, a new generation of young people lose the opportunity for gainful employment. Each year that medical facilities fall behind with the lack of modern technologies, buildings, research and development money, Ghana loses key assets as medical professionals flee the country. Each year that social services are not funded Ghana loses as people fall victim to hunger, impoverishment, mental illness, and homelessness.

Each year that sustainable development is not implemented and funded Ghana loses its rightful place as a leader in the rise of the African continent. The fuse has been lit on a time bomb that will soon explode with record entrenched irreversible unemployment. The explosion will gut social services, the aged will not be able to access care, job training will be non-existent, youth services will be overwhelmed, youth crime will be rampant.

As the fuse continues to burn foreign investors who carry favor with the NDC and NPP will continue to rape our nation of its resources, beauty, and clean water leaving scars on the earth that will make the land uninhabitable. Agenda 2024 and the independent Presidential candidacy of Kofi Koranteng in Election 2024 is a last chance to extinguish the fuse on a ticking time bomb that will destroy the future hopes of Ghana’s growth and prosperity for decades to come.

Kofi Koranteng has a plan based on ideas that will extinguish the fuse on the ticking time bomb of Ghana’s future. Agenda 2024 has a realistic vision to reverse the damage that has been caused to Ghana by the corruption, pilfering, and rape of our nations’ people, land, water, assets and future.

Agenda 2024 will diffuse the ticking time bomb with a plan dedicated to the PEOPLE which includes:

Fully fund a ten-year plan to modernize our educational system across all 16 regions which includes new buildings and facilities along with raising the wages of teachers and staff to attract and retain quality teachers. A plan to implement and fund innovative educational programs to prepare our youth for the jobs of the future in technology, sustainable energy, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and research and development.
A transformational building plan to modernize the health care system with the latest technologies and equipment. Support and fund medical research and development. Raise the wages of health care professionals to retain our best and brightest citizens and attract world class doctors and researchers to ultra-modern facilities. This will include social services, elder care and job training.
Develop financial partnerships with corporations around the world to research, develop and implement modern water treatment and delivery systems, sustainable agricultural initiatives and clean carbon neutral energy solutions.
An intensive planning and development program to modernize an interconnected transportation system that will efficiently service all 16 regions of the country which will allow development across the nation.
Time is not on our side. The fuse on the ticking time bomb must be extinguished now. You can do it by voting independent in Election 2024. Vote for Kofi Koranteng and the full slate of Agenda 2024 candidates. WE must save Ghana. The FUTURE is NOW!

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